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At FPPFsales.com we provide dealer pricing in standard and bulk quantities of all FPPF diesel, gas, cleaning, heating and fuel power products. If you have product purchase needs not found on the site, please call 1-866-FUEL-PWR

We are a division of Hilltrux Tank Lines, Inc., a North East Ohio based carrier of quality petroleum products for over 14 years. Over time, our customers have requested that we supply fuel additives for their deliveries of Premium Diesel Fuels, both on and off road. After trying many different brands, we settled on FPPF products as being the best at delivering cold weather protection, most concentrated, easiest to handle, and most cost effective of all the brands out there. The volume of product that we were using eventually led us to “distributor” status with FPPF. As a result, we now stock the complete line of FPPF products from fuel additives to aerosols and cleaners. We have increased our inventory and added staff for the sole purpose of handling your orders and delivering your additive needs. Please give us a call anytime at 1-866-FUEL-PWR for more information or to place your order.
Brad Hille
(President, Hilltrux Tank Lines, Inc.)

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  1. FPPF Fuel Power 8oz

    FPPF Fuel Power 8oz

    Fuel Power - Original Formula 8oz Learn More
  2. Lubricity Plus Fuel Power 32oz
  3. Polar Power 32oz

    Polar Power 32oz

    Our Deluxe Anti-Gel and Water Dispersant Learn More
  4. Total Power 32oz

    Total Power 32oz

    Total Power The Ultimate Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment Learn More
  5. Fleet Formula Winter Formula 1gal
  6. HOT 4-IN-1 16oz
  7. Spray Nine Cleaner 32oz Bottle

    Spray Nine Cleaner 32oz Bottle


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